Bare feet Lyrics

Well I’m walking Walking in my bare feet So I don’t hurt myself I’m treading oh so carefully Yeah Keep my knees low and I keep my eyes peeled And we’re treating each step on the ground with a kiss Keep my knees low and I keep my eyes peeled […]

Stars Lyrics

Look up at the scattered seeds of light Ever Glowing painted in the night They are reflections of the suns Bringing illuminations Telling me the stories Of the ancients far and wide They float leaving their traces Across suspended spaces They keep telling me the stories of Generations in degradation […]

Kundalini Lyrics

Kundalini kundalini kundalini kundalini Yoga yoga Breathe in and out through your nose in and out through your nose in and out through your nose in and out through your nose Feel that fire inside Wave your hands up and down in air Wave them around and around Wave your […]

Third Eye Lyrics

Look to you from the highest heights Unbind my fear and embrace the light See through mind for what your eyes cant see Feel through heart that your mind cant be And if i open up my mind eye I can see through the twilight Beings of frequency Recognise the […]

Thank You Lyrics

I’m in between two trees I sit where they meet Delicate beauty all around for me to greet I’ll thank my seat and I will sing to you with all I know Of what I know how I see and when I grow I will not give to you a […]

Silent Revolution Lyrics

We have all we need with your company Let us join our hands and join our minds Build a house we want to live in Live our lives thats been given Give our hearts to the earth Earth our mind and our bodies Bring a silent revolution to this town […]

Gentle Elemental Lyrics

Warmth of fire Grounded earth Pure water The air that I breathe The love to feel in harmony With the land mother and father sky With the land mother and father sky The elemental in its presence Brings us gently back to balance Embers dancing wisdom as they glow Seeds […]

Thousand Faces Lyrics

Treat it right and keep it strong I’m a transistor of love Someone’s got to break the chain of hate and forgive Gotta shift your brain away from insane Ignorance is bliss against a face of distress I’m not gunna let this whole ship burn to the ground. It can […]

Ocean and Me Lyrics

Take me to the top of the peak As I start to fall let me feel its energy Let me stroke the waves as I pass by Then let them come crashing down behind my gallant strides Watch me as I ride As soar and glide I ride this wave […]

Destruction Lyrics

We borrow this land from our children What will we have left when the rent is due Burdened in our debt no resources when they’re all dead Can’t we see this need for change We are known for our destruction Can’t we find a means to an end Can’t we […]