River Roots Press Kit

Origins: Leeds/Manchester, UK

Genre: Alt-Acoustic/Roots


Duo Jungle CouchRiver Roots create a vibrant mixture of roots and alternative acoustic, with hints of folk and reggae beats, bringing diverse sounds and an uplifting vibe.  Conscious, mind opening music delivered from the heart.  Bringing surprisingly danceable sounds from just an acoustic guitar.  Lyrically each song has a spiritual meaning or a positive message to enlighten people through their daily lives.

Matt Montez originally from Leeds UK, started his music career whilst travelling Australia.  Inspired by the beautiful surroundings and good vibes, his flow of creative writing was ignited. The music is majorly influenced by a nomadic lifestyle and connectedness with nature.

desert roadIn 2015, the music naturally became a co-creation as vocalist Gem blended into the mix, evolving the music into River Roots.  Fusion of their soulful harmonies and positive energy illuminates the stage, as they share their musical journey together.  And so River Roots was born.  In June 2018 River Roots launched their debut album recorded and produced in Sonic Vista Studios, Ibiza


Gig History.

UK: Boomtown Fair, Boardmasters, Beat-Herder, The Green Gathering, Bimble Bandada, Buddhafield, GoldCoast Ocean, Eden, Small World, Into The Wild, Wonder fields, Sunrise Celebration, Something to Smile About, Little Big Gig, Audio Farm, Stone Henge Solstice, Soul Circus, Off Grid, Seed, Spirit, Sun and Moon, Wayfarer, Salford Music, Blackpool Music  and regular tours across the jungle

New Zealand: Aum, Wanderlust, Luminate, Evolve, New Zealand Spirit, Resonance Karamea, International Yoga, Organic Mechanic

Europe: Performing at various venues across the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Festivals include; Pachamamma (Switzerland), Landjuweel (Netherlands) and Jam (Germany).

Australia: New Paradigm, Nimbin Roots, March against Monsanto, Spring Eve, Rock The Gate (Byron Bay Supporting Nahko & Medicine for the People and multiple tours across the East Coast.

Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Portugal and Vietnam: Performed at various venues. Festivals include; Quest (Vietnam) and 420 (Cambodia).



 Press Quotes
BBCIntroducing – David White

“What voices River Roots have! ‘Destruction’s simple and frankly stunning. Nice job”

Quest Festival

“We’ve had River Roots play twice now at our festival and they have been nothing short of wonderful. Inspired lyrics with a really joyful vibe – they get the crowd going and are often named as a favourite act from our punters.”

Jump Ship Promotions – Niamh Mcgowan

“If ever there was an ep that was the perfect soundtrack to relaxing on a beach somewhere, this is it. With a soulful voice and a simple guitar sound ‘sight from inside’, the latest ep from Singer/songwriter Matt Montez, is the smoothest and lightest sound from an acoustic artist I have heard for a while.”


River Roots tour dates


Debut self titled album ‘River Roots’ was released in June 2018 and is available in all major online stores.

Taking bookings for 2018 contact here.



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